At RENDER We want to wish you Happy holidays and a prosperous 2017! 


Speaking specifically of NAVAL sector, we have worked over several years...


AREA by MIMEC B2 is created to gather the creative industry and interactive media...


December 2016


We want to wish you Happy Holidays  

and a prosperous 2017! 


November 2016

At RENDER we don't deal exclusively with clients from the real estate industry, we also have clients from various other industries too, including: naval sector, hotels, aircraft and industrial to name a few.

Speaking specifically of NAVAL sector, we have worked over several years with Elba Yachts International; a Company which is dedicated to buy and remodel yachts for sale. We had the commitment of creating a promotional video which presented the re-modeled Elba Azimut 116 with unequaled realism.

We also created  3D and 2D renders and a website which explained each of the yachts spaces.

Soon, we will be at the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show (Nov 3-7)

If you want to learn more about our experiences with yachts, please click here


October 2016

AREA by MIMEC B2​​​​​​​ is created to gather the creative industry and interactive media like Audio, Movies, Video Games, Digital Marketing, Interactive and Animation in one place. 

They count with people that have profiles that can influence the national and international industry to give lectures, workshops and panels in order to encourage and empower the creative community of Nuevo Leon making this the representative of creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation in Mexico. 

In this issue we invite you to be a #BoundaryBreaker; allow yourself to break boundaries, questioning your reality,  find solutions through creativity and innovation, because only then you can reach your goals. 

In the following link you can find all the information of the event:



Date: October 20, 21 & 22


August, 2016

At RENDER MIAMI, we have a range of international clients from a variety of industries. Our experience in the visualization industry has led us to work with: DISNEY (theme parks and cruises) , Horizon Yachts that specialized in the maritime industry, real estate developers, marketing agencies, interior designers, among others, not only located in Miami, but also in New York City, LA and Texas.

This year is 
RENDER´S 19th year in the market, our main goal is to provide to our clients an integrated service. Not only we do architectural visualization and virtual walkthroughs, but also we always work to bring added value to follow technological market trends, such was the case of IVI DORAL, where we developed an Augmented Reality application to expedite the speed of sales of their project.

We want to take this opportunity to THANK all of our clients that had trusted us through the years.


June, 2016

ORVIT CORPORATE CENTER is a luxury office building, located in a strategic industrial corridor of Queretaro, nominated for best project of LADI 2016 Awards (Latin American Real Estate Development Awards).

The building has 14 levels divided between offices, commercial premises with a spectacular view and multi-level parking. 

Grupo Capitel Desarrollos, is the company behind this project, with over 25 years of experience in the real estate market and more than 60 successful projects to its credit. 

At RENDER, we collaborate with Grupo Capitel, in the development of the architectural visualization of the entire project . 

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June, 2016

We are moving! we want to share with all of our clients and friends, than next week we will be moving to our new offices located at:

Avenida Lázaro Cárdenas #216 Piso 4 
Col. Residencial San Agustín 
San Pedro Garza García 
CP. 66260 
Phone. +52 (818) 319-0455 & 56  


May, 2016

The real estate industry have changed the way they promote their projects, a few years ago, they only use brochures, flyers, or pictures on their booths sales; now they are migrating to virtual walktroughs, which are videos that are giving to the customer a clearer and accurate picture of how the finished project will look like. 

Everyday is more common to see how real estate companies are investing in new technologies to promote their products or services, today there is a modern and interactive tool that allows users to explore in detail each space, thus achieving a better understanding of them: EXPERIENCE SHOWROOM. 

This tool is a combination of several disciplines: 3dmapping, Programming, Multimedia, 3d, but above all, is to apply the correct training and advice to the sales staff so they can achieve a perfect execution when they are interacting with their clients. 

At RENDER we follow 7 steps for planning and develop an efficient Showroom:

Step 1 : Needs ( understand and analyze thoroughly what the customer needs) 
Step 2 : Solutions ( team meeting to suggest possible solutions to customer needs) 
Step 3 : Planning (brainstorming to solve what is being pursued) 
Step 4 : Validation ( process to confirm that the procedure is correct) 
Step 5 : Implementation (Implementation of the project , in this case the Showroom) 
Step 6 : Installation (Go to the site to install all the parts that form the Showroom) 
Step 7 : User Experience

MOTTO (a Residential Development located in the city of Queretaro), is the second project of Orange Investments using this type of technology for promotion and marketing (the first was NACION, located in Monterrey), having amazing results with their clients, but above all, accelerating the level of sales of the project. 

We invite you to visit any of these 2 showrooms to you live this immersive experience!

Visit: mottobyorange.mx

Visit: somosnacion.com 


April, 2016.

Every day is more common to see how companies are investing on new technologies to promote their products or services, one of the most popular is known as Virtual Reality. 

Virtual Reality is a technology that creates an environment whether real or imaginary, allowing the user or client to interact in. 

There are many types of devices that have been developed through the years, from the simplest, such as the Cardboard of Google, to much more complex and sophisticated as the viewer Oculus, a company acquired by Facebook for a sum of 2 billion dollars. 

The value proposition of Virtual Reality is to potentiate the transmission of information through data either: written, visual, spatial and experiential. 

Today this technology has different uses: commercial, educational, training, video games, even for personal therapies. 

An industry that is taking advantage of the VR is Real Estate, making experience to their customers, browsing not yet existing spaces, thereby accelerating the rate in sales of their projects.


March, 2016.

Today, it´s a reality that people (users) spent more average time on the Internet, therefore, is very important the presence of any kind of business / brand in social media.

The main advantage of this, is that social media allow us to establish a direct contact with both our clients and potential clients. If we take this opportunity correctly, not only we have a great channel of mass communication, but also a space in which we can do market research, for example by analyzing the user interaction with our brand /company.

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, to name a few, are platforms that allow us to inform, socialize and interact with customers more directly and informally. However, we must pay close attention to the proper use of them, if we do so, it can be very beneficial for our business / brand, otherwise, if we use an unprofessional manner, can greatly damaging our image or project.

We must remember that the platforms mentioned before are POTENTIAL SALES TOOLS , so we have to maximize its use:
- By exposing every detail of our projects in a quicker and more attractive way, and on the other hand , we provide our customers the facility of knowing these projects faster and more efficiently , therefore the result is the acceleration of the sales levels of companies.

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February, 2016

At RENDER we have been offering several sales tools over the years to help our clients to promote their projects, and reach in a smaller period of time their sales goals.

RENDERINGS: 3D rendering is a creative process of converting 3D wire frame models into 2D images similar to photography.

VIRTUAL WALKTROUGH: The perfect simulation of an existing location, consisting of a sequence of videos that show a breathtaking experience.

REAL ESTATE FILM: When you mix several elements such as: common film, green screen and renderings, the result is a remarkable film to promote your project.
INTERACTIVE: The combination of tools like websites, mobile apps and multi touch platforms help our clients to make a difference from the rest.

INNOVATION: Competitors out there are growing very fast, therefore everyone needs to find a distinguishing factor to stand out over the others.

A few weeks ago, we released our NEW WEB SITE​, where you can see how can we help you in your project.
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Here is our latest REEL 2016

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#RenderMediaSolutions 2016

January, 2016


At RENDER we have been developing sales tools to promote and communicate different projects, trough 18 years of experience, we call it #RenderMediaSolutions (#RMS).
We have been working in several projects like: real estate, industrial, commercial, entertainment, hydrocarbons, among other industries, helping them integrate different technologies. Our main clients are: Disney, Devtov, Ferretti Group, OBMI, Borges + Associates, Goldman Properties, Horizon, Skyline Equities Realty, just to mention a few.

We offer services as:

We are launching our NEW WEB SITE, where you can see how can we help you in your project.

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Here is our latest REEL 2016

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December, 2015

At RENDER we want to wish you

Happy Holidays  
and a prosperous 2016! 


November, 2015


ALBIA it´s a project created because of the necessity of modern and successful enterprises searching for unique corporate spaces. Designed by Landa Arquitectos. ALBIA is recognized by it´s contemporary design, timeless and great functionality.

At RENDER we collaborate in the development of the architectural visualization of the project as well as the creation of the virtual walktrough, that allows the final user to live and feel ALBIA experience.

What amaze us the most about ALBIA is that they reach 40% of sales in just 4 months, and this is because they invest in this kind of tools to increase the velocity of their sales.

ALBIA definitely is the new office icon of A class, luxurious finishes, and amazing views to the Sierra Madre Occidental, developed by EMBLEM CAPITAL, a company that is dedicated to develop real estate projects of the highest quality. 
To visit the site, please click : www.emblem-capital.com​