The real estate industry have changed the way they promote their projects, a few years ago, they only use brochures, flyers, or pictures on their booths sales; now they are migrating to virtual walktroughs, which are videos that are giving to the customer a clearer and accurate picture of how the finished project will look like. 

Everyday is more common to see how real estate companies are investing in new technologies to promote their products or services, today there is a modern and interactive tool that allows users to explore in detail each space, thus achieving a better understanding of them: EXPERIENCE SHOWROOM. 

This tool is a combination of several disciplines: 3dmapping, Programming, Multimedia, 3d, but above all, is to apply the correct training and advice to the sales staff so they can achieve a perfect execution when they are interacting with their clients. 

At RENDER we follow 7 steps for planning and develop an efficient Showroom:

Step 1 : Needs ( understand and analyze thoroughly what the customer needs) 
Step 2 : Solutions ( team meeting to suggest possible solutions to customer needs) 
Step 3 : Planning (brainstorming to solve what is being pursued) 
Step 4 : Validation ( process to confirm that the procedure is correct) 
Step 5 : Implementation (Implementation of the project , in this case the Showroom) 
Step 6 : Installation (Go to the site to install all the parts that form the Showroom) 
Step 7 : User Experience

MOTTO (a Residential Development located in the city of Queretaro), is the second project of Orange Investments using this type of technology for promotion and marketing (the first was NACION, located in Monterrey), having amazing results with their clients, but above all, accelerating the level of sales of the project. 

We invite you to visit any of these 2 showrooms to you live this immersive experience!